Sarah Violette Shares Where Her Lyrics Come From, Maine Music Scene, And Secrets

Sarah Violette, born in Portland, Maine (grew up in Hollis) is a Hip Hop Artist who began writing at age 13 and has been performing since 18. Sarah is not a fan of whoopie pies, or sexism in the music industry, but is a fan of the respectful Maine music scene, and finding that secret spot within that allows her lyrics to flow.
You can catch Sarah at Flask Lounge on Saturday, September 14th. A special event presented by Monday of the Minds, a CommUNITY hip hop showcase.

Is there a place inside your head or a physical location you go, to find inspiration to write lyrics?
Depends on the song! If I’m writing a song that’s aggressive with heavy flow, then I’m focused on the beat and how to get inside it the best way I can. However, if I’m writing an introspective piece, I tend to let my mind wander into a different dimension and write what I see there. My favorite is when I get somewhere in my head, I’ve never been, and my emotions, my words, and the music all align in a transcendental way.

I read a statistic based on the last 6 Grammy Award Ceremonies. “Out of 899 individuals nominated, 90.7% were men, and 9.3% percent were women.”
Do you think gender plays a role in the success of hip hop artists?

I’ve always thought it’s harder for women in the music industry, for sure, not just hip hop. Women have to deal with how they look, how they are perceived and treated. Sexism is still rampant, and I have to say I am grateful that a huge majority of men in Maine’s music scene have always treated me with respect and kindness.

Are there any misconceptions about the hip hop community in Maine or generally you hope to debunk?
Not really! It’s progressed so much in the last ten years, and there’s so much variety. It’s pretty amazing.

What do you enjoy the most about performing? Do you get nervous?
I enjoy so many aspects of performing. I love when everything is still and calm, and it feels like I’m confessing my inner being to a crowd that’s genuinely listening and feeling. I also love when I switch from that to something super upbeat, and everybody is dancing and just having fun. Or when my friend Renée is performing with me and does her weird metal voice to hype up the show and make me laugh. It’s all good for me.

Sara Violette & friend, Renée Coolbrith (Portland vocalist/songwriter) can often be seen performing together.

I do get nervous! After all these years I can get anxious and not be able to eat before a show, especially if I’ve had too much caffeine. Haha.

Tell us a secret! What’s one thing, not even friends or family know about you?
A secret? Hm. I don’t like Whoopie Pies very much. I think they are overrated.

We have an additional secret!
Sarah is dropping new music “World Collide” on September 10th! “Probably the smoothest joint I’ve ever made. 😏”

Where can we see you play next, and how can we connect with you?
Casablanca Cruise in Portland on September 13th, at 6 pm.
Flask Lounge in Portland on September 14th, at 9 pm. $8 Advance Tickets Here
You can connect with me on Instagram! @sarahviolettemusic

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