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➳ Flask is strictly a 21+ venue. Everyone must be 21+ to play and attend.

➳ Flask books all genres of music.

➳ Compensation is the same for EVERYONE, no matter what, it’s always 10% of the total sales for the evening as well as drink discounts. Bands are encouraged to sell cd’s, merchandise, and put out a donation/tip bucket. We do not charge covers – only under exceptional circumstances (fundraisers, benefits).

➳ Load-in time is anytime after 6:30 pm. Typically bands start around 9 pm and will be over by midnight (except on the weekends). We try and be kind and courteous to our neighbors.

➳ We do have a PA but require bands/DJ’s to bring mics, mic stands and cables (ours tend to disappear). We do ask that you don’t bring unnecessary equipment. Flask is a small, brick box, (capacity of 100) so there is no need to try and be extra loud. Otherwise, it will scare people out the door.

➳ It’s essential for bands to promote their shows, as Flask doesn’t have a built-in crowd for non-local acts. We want the night to be equally beneficial for the entertainment and the venue. We will help promote the show as best we can via our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various mediums.

Booking Request Form

We look forward to booking your show! We receive many booking requests. If we do not respond it means the date requested is unavailable, please don’t take offense.

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