Look! It’s a Sifter Gig!

Three Brooklynites move to Maine and start a band… Quirky and eclectic, sometimes etherial, sometimes strange, singing songs about love and alien abduction. Laura Cromwell (Shaggs, Bi Tyrant, and the Dot Wiggan Band), John Mettam (Flying Home, Bassoon, and Marc Ribot Band), Monica Crigler (bell curve and Goats in Trees), are Sifter.

Debut show live at flask lounge in Portland, Maine. Don’t miss this! 

Copilot (Live Band)

You’d be hard-pressed to define Copilot. The Massachusetts-based group are made up of powerhouse vocalist Maggie Quealy, charismatic frontman Ry McDonald, bassist Austin Beveridge, and drummer Dylan Allwine. Together, Copilot aren’t so much making music as they are crafting an experience. Sure, you can call them Americana because of their twangy harmonies or even pop thanks to their danceable beats, but maybe nouns aren’t quite right. Adjectives, on the other hand, might do them justice.

In-your-face. Energetic. Powerful. Catchy. Melodic. Refreshing. Versatile vocals drive the band: a soulful ache, a ferocious howl, a buttery croon. Instrumental camaraderie is important too: foot-stomping percussion, quiet guitar lines, twinkling rhythms. Copilot’s real talent lies in skillfully mixing and matching these elements to cultivate the perfect package of retro-pop goodness that does not just suggest repeat playings but demands it.

BudJava w/ Rob Carlson (FREE Live Show)

Rob Carlson, a Maine, acoustic singer/songwriter is up first and BudJava finishes out the night at our first show at Flask Lounge!

BudJava is comprised of James R. on guitar and vocals, Mike B. on bass, keyboards, and vocals, and Rob T.on drums and vocals. We’ve also been known to have some great guests join us as well from time to time.

We play a wide variety of music, both covers, and originals, from blues to rock to reggae, and always put our unique spin on some of your favorites.