Maine Music Alliance Matches Flask’s Bottle Drive Donations w/ a $2,500 Grant

“We are proud to stand with Jessica and honored to be able to match her $2,500 worth of bottle collection with a $2,500 grant. These are real people who have sacrificed everything to open a business, and are now sacrificing everything else to keep it going. Please continue to donate, share, and amplify as much as possible so that we can keep doing whatever we can to help whoever we can. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the help thus far!” –Maine Music Alliance (MEMA)

Q&A w/ MEMA & Flask Owner

Jessica Nolette – Owner of Flask Lounge

MEMA: When/why did you open Flask Lounge? 

JESSICA: Flask Lounge opened in November 2007 when I was 27. My goal was to open a neighborhood sports bar, serving homemade pub-style food and welcoming everybody. I quickly discovered my vision for Flask was not in line with the Portland community’s hopes. Only months after opening, the disco ball returned, and we were dancing, singing (def not me), rocking out, and hosting events of everything in between. 

MEMA: How did the idea for the bottle drive come about? 

JESSICA: Since the pandemic started, our Resident Dj’s and Musicians have been streaming online fundraisers and encouraging donations via our website to help us with operating costs. It’s hard to ask for money, especially when so many people are struggling financially. The bottle drive was an idea I could accomplish as one person and offered a way for people who wanted to help us do so creatively. It gave me purpose and a mission. It’s a little out of the ordinary, but so is Flask. 

MEMA: Describe your day when you do your bottle route? 

JESSICA: The response was incredible. In one month, I completed 100+ stops from Augusta to Sanford and collected $2,500 worth of returnables. Masked up and gloves on, I met amazing people along the way, some of whom have never been to Flask: “I have a friend that loves your bar, and it means a lot to them. I’ve always heard great things, so I wanted to donate.” 

Jessica collected $2,500 worth of returnables making 100+ stops from Augusta to Sanford.

MEMA: Describe the financial reality of your business currently (to the extent you’re comfortable doing so). 

JESSICA: The apparent burden is having no financial income to cover costs while being closed for a time unknown. There’s been no insight, even after emailing Governor Mills and the City of Portland. Are we waiting for a vaccine? Why are liquor licenses not being pro-rated? We need truth and straightforward updates to mentally, emotionally, and financially prepare for our futures.

“It breaks me to be inside the emptiness that is Flask right now.”

I am at risk of losing staff who I love. The staff, dj’s, and musicians are the cement that keeps Flask solid and growing. Wondering what’s next and whether I should sell Flask, I have spent the last six months preparing and educating myself toward a new career. 

MEMA: What is your favorite memory of Flask? 

JESSICA: There have been far too many amazing memories to choose just one. But my absolute favorite part of Flask is the lifelong friendships built between those bricks, including the many friends I have made along the way. 

MEMA: What is your dream first show back? 

JESSICA: I am most excited about a full rotation of ALL our resident events: Karaoke, Open Dj Night, Sundaze, Monday of the Mondays, Love, Foundation, Friction, Black Friday, Primary, Shank Painters, Rewind, Mainely House, Future Classic, Coven Club (formerly Sub/Merge), Retro Night, Flannel, ThumpDay, Cherry Lemonade (Drag Show), No Gimmicks, As Above So Below Events, Bass Faces, and more! 

While I’m extremely eager to reopen, I will only do so when everyone is comfortable and confident with promoting, hosting, and attending events. It breaks me to be inside the emptiness that is Flask right now, but it would be devastating to reopen and risk the health of the Flask staff and community, as well as the health of our patrons.

Maine Music Alliance
A team of Maine music professionals and performers working to increase the awareness around the extraordinary live music venues of Portland and the tremendous impact their presence have in our local economy.

Please consider donating if you have the means. If you have nothing to spare then show you care with a share.

Proceeds Benefit: Blue // Sun Tiki Studios // Geno’s Rock Club // The Apohadion // Flask Lounge // St. Lawrence Arts // Mayo Street Arts

Daily Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Preparations


We miss you! We hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and making smart decisions to STAY HOME! Many resident DJs are keeping the music bumping, and spirits alive via live streaming. Check out our live streaming page for updates!


I love my staff and the community. Limiting our capacity to 50 people, and ignoring science and the recommendations of Dr. Anthony Fauci seems irresponsible.
FLASK LOUNGE Will Be Closed Until…?
Join our mailing list via our website. I will provide daily coronavirus updates, news, and resources here.
Thank you to those reaching out in support. Please be safe and practice patience and kindness. ❤️- Jessica


• Flask will be systematically cleaned and sanitized daily until the threat of coronavirus has subsided.
• The hood fan will be used to increase circulation.
• The community water jug will be removed.
• We are putting up signs educating people about how to prevent the spread of germs.
• We encourage patrons and staff to stay home if they are sick, have health risks, or have traveled to high-risk countries and states.
• We will update our website and FB page in the event of cancellations and operational changes.


It’s essential everyone takes precautions, not panic, and become educated about the virus. Here’s what we are doing.

  1. Staying healthy! If you’re not feeling well, being proactive and getting shifts covered is crucial. No one should come to work if they have flu-like symptoms, including fever, cough, shortness of breath.
  2. Washing hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  3. Cough or sneeze into your elbow instead of your hands. Keep hands away from eyes, mouth, and nose.
  4. Clean, Clean, Clean. Bleach is our friend. Now more than ever, we need to be cautious of frequently touched surfaces such as countertops, doorknobs, sink/toilet handles, iPad/computer screens, tap handles, light switches, seats/benches, to name a few.
  5. We will plan to be open and operate per usual with the guidance of the CDC and the City of Portland.
  6. If the time comes that businesses such as ours are recommending to close; we will close until it’s safe to re-open.
  7. Do not panic. We should anticipate fear, anxiety, and the spreading of misinformation. I predict a decline in sales and tips over the next several months. It is not necessary at this time to encourage staying home (unless people are sick). Let’s continue to promote our events.
  8. Prepare yourselves at home for a minimum 2-week quarantine. Here’s a checklist of recommended essentials:
  9. Please consider subscribing to email updates from the CDC and Maine Center for Disease and Health. Let’s stay up-to-date and actively communicate.
  10. If there is anything missed that you would like to add, please comment below.