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Raised Those Funds Donations

We need your help! raise those funds! help keep flask afloat!

Raise Those Funds! So appreciative of the support of our DJ family.
July 18th! Mark your calendar for a Flask Fundraising event of grand proportions. An ✭✭ALL-DAY✭✭ Live-Stream Featuring Resident Dj’s (Scroll 👇🏼 to see the list)!
We’ll be streaming live from page AND Twitch for this all-day event to help Flask persevere the Covid19 closure. Donations of any amount are much appreciated. Donations can be made via, and money is deposited directly into our operating account, which pays rent, insurance(s), and utilities.
Our open date is unknown at this time. When able to open safely, we will do so with the health of our staff, patrons, and the community as our #1 priority. Please be safe and practice patience and kindness. Thank you for your support! ❤️🙏🏼
Featuring Residents:
Mr. Dereloid (Foundation) – FOUNDATION FRIDAY AT FLASK
Jamie O’Sullivan (Love) – Jamie O’Sullivan
DJ Cougar (Retro night, Karaoke)- DJ Cougar
Corbin (Friction)- Corbin – Portland Maine DJ
G-Force ( Sundaze, Friction) – DJ G-Force
Daze Inn ( Sundaze, Future Classic) – Daze Inn
Mike Clouds (Trvp night) – Mike Clouds
Max Dansky (Mainely House, Thumpday) – Max Dansky
Frictus (Friction, Deer Den) – Frictus
Harlock (Tight Groove, Open) – James Spinney
Tylord (Open) – Tylord
Moses (Fricton) – Dylan Fletcher
APG (Open) – APG
Kid Ray (open) – Christopher Ramos
All DayAt Home