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September2020 @ 7pm
Future Classic Flask FundraiserOn Saturday, September 5th join some of New England’s finest connoisseurs of bass music as they converge on Twitch to help keep Portland, Maine’s home for underground music, Flask Lounge, afloat.
Party starts @ 7PM
🔹Yung Abner
🔹Daze Inn
🔹Glass Arrowhead
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8pm – ??Online
September2020 @ 8pm
PRIMARYJoin us for a virtual Sci Fi themed “Disorder”! Guest DJ Jonny Noise joins DJs Zimbra and DoomsdayJ as they spin Retrowave / Dark Synthpop / Darkwave dance music! 8pm start!
In lieu of tips, we ask that folks donate to our home base, Flask Lounge!

Assholes with Guitars – A Benefit to Save The Flask
For a very long time I have considered the flask lounge to be like a second home. I’ve certainly had more great times at the flask then I could count. Out of every great time there is one that stands above the rest and that is that I met my wife at flask.
Over the years they have always been so good to me and right now they need our help. This pandemic has reshaped everything we know in this world and a lot of great places are closing or have closed for good. We have to do something before its too late.
The Flask is accepting bottle donations as well as monetary donations. You don’t have to wait for this stream to donate and anything is appreciated. To participate in these go to where you can find all kinds of information on how you can help.
Lets keep The Flask alive!
This will be an online event streaming from The Flask. We all want to be very careful and play it safe so we can play for an audience sooner then later.
Assholes with Guitars are
Matt Andersen
Jim Worthley
John Bott
Pete O’Brien
Scotty Saints
Matt Thompson
Ande Greene