Stephan Jordan, serving in the USMC and now Portland’s EDM Scene

Stephan Jordan is a Veteran of the US Military, also a DJ, well-known as DAZE INN. Daze Inn is the curator of a weekly SUNDAZE dance party and bi-monthly party, FUTURE CLASSIC at Flask Lounge. Stephan has been DJing for seven years.

Serving in the United States Military and now Portland’s EDM Scene

How has being in the military influenced who you are today? Has it played a role in your career as a DJ?

I feel as though the military changes everybody who signs up for it. Military culture and dance music culture aren’t inherently intertwined, so it hasn’t played too significant of a role. Post-service, the USMC made me diligent in all walks of life. In that regard, it has helped me keep grinding in this industry.

“This is me, on duty, eating the finest Chinese food Jacksonville, NC had to offer.
Happy Veterans to my fellow service members!” -Stephan Jordan

Where did the name DAZE INN originate?

I stole it from a cheap hotel.

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What is your favorite part about being a DJ? Least Favorite?

I spend many hours digging for music in hopes of finding hidden gems. So, when I see the crowd lose their respective shit while I’m playing one of those particular selections, it justifies all the effort.
As far as the least favorite? Requests. If you want to dictate the evening music-wise, find a jukebox. We are the captain of the ship โ€” curators of the vibe.

There are rumors that EDM music and culture are fading. Do you believe this, and even if the statement is false, what can we do to keep EDM alive and fresh?

I don’t know if fading is the word. It seems to be hitting the peak of its roller-coaster ride. I see it more like a bubble that’s about to pop. Crowds are getting tired of hearing the same popular EDM tracks played by the same touring acts. It’s not sustainable. People’s ears want new and different sounds by nature.

Arguably, the underground always remains. Genuine fans of dance music will eventually find themselves. To keep it alive and fresh, we need a crowd. Not that the burden is on their shoulders alone. Producers need to make captivating new sounds and be experimental to draw crowds. DJ’s need to keep their sets exciting and also do their diligent duty and dig for music. Going to Beatport and downloading the top songs in your preferred genre is lazy and creates zero separation from what you’re doing and what others are doing in an already over-saturated market. Be unique.

Many people may not realize how much time and work it takes to be a DJ? You have a full-time job, a wife, and a life. How do you find time not only to play shows but organizing, booking, promoting, and hosting them? Does this ever cause conflict?

Balancing time can be an art form in itself. Setting aside time for the other things that give your life worth is integral to your mental health, and admittedly I can get lost in industry work from time to time. I’m so grateful to have a wife who understands that Djing is fun at times, but it is, in fact, a second job for me. If there’s a pro tip here, it’s to put in work on your lunch break.

“I’m so grateful to have a wife who understands that Djing is fun at times, but it is, in fact, a second job for me.” -Stephan Jordan

Do you see yourself retiring from DJ’ing or passing the torch on your resident nights?

If I have the choice to hand it off to someone to ensure the music my nights provide in Portland continues to thrive, I absolutely will. As for myself, with opportunities come lifestyle choices and changes. I have loved music from the moment I heard it, so there will always be a part of me that wants to be behind the decks. I DJ to play the music I enjoy, and in doing so, I hope others fall in line with similar feelings. I will have the thirst for finding new and unique music forever, and I hope it is only rivaled by my need to mix those songs.

Your dream B2B partner?

Probably Ivy Lab. I have such an affinity for those gentlemen. It’s equally rewarding playing side by side with some of your best friends in the industry. I prefer a b2b with a good friend at an amazing venue such as Red Rocks over anything else.

Wouldn’t you like to see Undrig, Tyler Trees,ย and Daze Inn perform at Red Rocks Amphitheater? Photo Credit: Maya Tihtiyas

What are your upcoming shows?

  • Saturday Night at Flask’s 12 Year Anniversary Party.
  • Sundaze is every Sunday with my resident co-host G-Force.
  • On 12/15 I have the Almost Human: Rezinate Five Year Anniversary Show at the Worcester Palladium, I’m very excited about that one.
  • Shortly after (December 21st) I’m back at Flask, hosting the Six-year Anniversary of Future Classic.
  • There are plenty more announcements in the pipeline as well.

What is the best way for people to connect with you? 

Please find me, like and share at:

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