We are thrilled to have two exceptionally talented DJ’s who are also strong women.

Caitlin Flynn (Dj Corbin) and Gina Marie Hesse (DJ G-Force) have 32 years of DJing experience. Together, they form the duo LADY LIPS, performing at special events and exposing their multi-genre mixing skills and not-so-secret love for pop, throwbacks, hip hop, and classic party jams. Being women AND members of the LGBTQ+ community, Corbin and G-Force share their thoughts on how few women are represented at dance clubs and music festivals due to a male-dominated industry.

How long have you been DJing, and how did you learn?  

Corbin: I taught myself, and I’ve been DJing since 2003.  My passion is Drum & Bass, and I also love playing techno, tech house, and electro.  Over the years, I have branched out and created my company, Atlantic Event Design.  I DJ weddings also.  Maine is a wedding destination state, and there need to be more woman-owned/DJ options.

G-Force: I’ve been DJing for 16 years. My sister’s boyfriend at the time was a NYC, Drum and Bass DJ. He gave her turntables and crates of records in hopes she would learn. I adored this style of music and attended a ton of shows. I wound up commandeering the turntables and records and teaching myself. Now, I am a DJ but also plan, promote, and host events all over New England as GforceBass Productions

Only 10% of performers at music festivals around the world are female, and most promoters, bar and club owners are men; Do you think it’s harder for LGBTQ+ women to succeed in the DJing industry? 

Corbin: Absolutely.  Regardless of LGBTQ+, it’s plain hard just being a woman DJ.  Add in the fact that I don’t fit the bill of “hot blonde” that makes it even harder.  One would hope it’s based on talent, but that’s not necessarily the case.  Recently a FB group was created by Hospital Records called The Women of Drum & Bass – it’s been a positive place to network and share experiences with other women and LGBTQ too.  If we support each other, I think changes can be made.  

G-Force: Being a woman and a DJ is difficult in general. The market is flooded with male DJ’s. More often than not, it is all you see on event and festival lineups. Sometimes when women are advertised, it’s strictly all women events or they are sexually objectified.

My festival, Gaia Rising celebrates everyone and features a mostly female lineup and 50% LGBTQ+. It’s a one day, all night, and into the morning festival celebrating life, love, earth, music, and art. I feel the LGBTQ+ community is represented and appreciated more in the underground music scene than the mainstream DJ and festival scene.

What’s your favorite part of celebrating Pride in Portland, Maine?  

Corbin: Everyone is positive, happy to celebrate, and want to dance dance dance!

G-Force: Pride in Portland is great because it is a diverse community that supports each other. When night falls, the dancing is serious! Portland loves to have a great time!

Pride Party Flask Lounge!

What’s your funniest memory you’ve had as a DJ?  

Corbin: I was playing drum and bass (my fav) at a festival, and while reaching over the turntable to reach my laptop, my boob stopped the record.  I tried to cover it up as a rewind.  😬🤫

G-Force: I was playing my first festival, and right at the peak of my set, the power went out. I may or may not have blown the circuit with my super sweet song. Lol. 🤭

What’s one song no one should ever request and one song everyone should request? 

Corbin: Cotton Eyed Joe, never, ever.  Everyone should request more Missy Elliot… and more drum and bass!!

G-Force: Noone should ever request a slow jam at a disco party. Everyone should request “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston. 😀

What’s one thing people can expect from you on Saturday night?   

Corbin: A mix and a blend of decades, genres, and lots of energy!!  

G-Force: A great time full of Hip Hop, Disco, Pop, and Party Jams!!!

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Where can people see you play in the future?  

Corbin: You can catch me for Friction at Flask on Friday, July 19th and at Gaia Rising Festival on September 8th by G-Force Productions.  GRF is a festival featuring a diverse and talented woman dominated lineup!!

G-Force: You can catch me at Beat Synthesis in Maine, Hydrotechnics in Upstate NY, Prism at Aura, and Gaia Rising on September 7th in Hartford, Maine.

We are happy to give back to our community. A portion of Flask’s proceeds will be donated to EqualityMaine – an organization working to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Maine since 1984.

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