NECTAR – Vinyl Nights – Mike Said & Max Dansky

Welcome back to NECTAR, the First Fridays party at Flask Lounge. Every month, Nectar will bring in local and regional DJs to showcase the darkest, sweetest, deepest sounds of techno and true raw underground 4×4 power. Turning FLASK into the inside of a flower, Nectar will juxtapose light and dark, life and rebirth, power with vulnerability. A safe space to close your eyes and sweat out of your shirt.
Legend Mike Said will be making his first NECTAR appearance. Mike will be spinning his selections through the night on vinyl, he needs no introduction, he is a veteran in the scene and absolutely rocks a dance floor. We’ve been blown away every time we have seen him spin, and we are so excited to have him on board. Mike’s affiliation include Eastcoast Underground, As Above So Below, and AV Club.
Additionally, at every NECTAR we will aim to present an artist with next level talent to display their work. This week we are honored to have Lydia Caroline, who will be live painting for all to see.
Wear flowers in your hair, bring power for your feet, and prepare to dance.
***Cover design by Alex Prevey***

Portland And Flask LOVE Jamie O’Sullivan

Portland And Flask
LOVE Jamie O’Sullivan

Love is about to celebrate nine years at Flask Lounge. What does this milestone mean to you?

It means that Time Flies!! It also means it’s about to embark on its tenth year, and that makes me feel proud. Proud that the thing I started is still here, growing, and as much fun as ever.

How do you describe LOVE to a stranger?

It depends on if they’re an Enthusiast (a head) or not, but in general, I say it’s a dance party focused on underground electronic music with a very eclectic crowd. All ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, races, and socioeconomic statuses.

LOVE is the first Friday of every month at Flask Lounge.

How does the Portland dance scene compare to other cities?

Portland has a rich history in the dance club and gay bar culture since the ’70s. Punk, rock, and dance club culture were prominent in the ’80s, and then rave hit Portland in the early ’90s. That’s considerably early in American rave history. It’s real here and has a unique personality that differs even from other New England states. It’s a wicked tiny community due to the population and popularity of underground dance culture.

Do you envision retiring or passing Love’s torch?

No. Not at the moment. My original goal was to try at least and make it ten years, which is coming right up. If there’s still a crowd and I’m still able, I’ll be here doing my thing.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I like to think I take ok photos.

Check out Jamie O’Sullivan’s latest mixes on SOUNDCLOUD and MIXCLOUD.

How can people connect with you?

For Bookings Contact Me @ 207.318.7895

What are your upcoming shows?