NECTAR ft. Pryz & Cakewalk

Welcome back to NECTAR, the First Friday party at Flask Lounge. Every month, Nectar will bring in local and regional DJs to showcase techno’s darkest, sweetest, deepest sounds and true raw underground 4×4 power. Turning FLASK into the inside of a flower, Nectar will juxtapose light and dark, life and rebirth, power with vulnerability. A safe space to close your eyes and sweat out of your shirt.
Pryz and Cakewalk will be making their first NECTAR appearance. Cakewalk, hailing from Boston, is a longstanding favorite in the Portland dance community and has carved out an amazing niche for himself as a connoisseur of house music taste. He is stoked to dive a little darker into the techno realm for his Nectar appearance!
Pryz has experienced a meteoric rise in the dance music scene over the past several years, playing throughout New England with several residencies, and now resides in NY. He actually played his first-ever live set at FLASK and we are so excited to see what he’s been cooking up since! He plays a variety of deep and dark styles that will be sure to make you groove.
We are so excited to have Miranda Šwañ as this month’s featured artist. Miranda’s collages are incredible and ethereal, I’m stoked for you all to see her work!