NECTAR Residency Launch Party ft. MAX DANSKY, RYSSA & J.HJORT

Welcome to the residency release of NECTAR, the First Fridays party at Flask Lounge. Every month, Nectar will bring in local DJs to showcase the darkest, sweetest, deepest sounds of techno and true raw underground 4×4 power. Turning FLASK into the inside of a flower, Nectar will juxtapose light and dark, life and rebirth, power with vulnerability. A safe space to close your eyes and sweat out of your shirt.
To kick the party off, we invite Ryssa and J.Hjort, two extremely solid DJs known for their hard punching beats, alongside host Max Dansky, to deliver a techno sermon. Resident lighting and production genius Logan Grover will provide lighting and design.
Additionally, at every NECTAR we will aim to present an artist with next level talent to display their work. This week we are honored to have Kris Noyes, who’s work and creative abilities are second to none.
Wear flowers in your hair, bring power for your feet, and prepare to dance.
***Cover design by Alex Prevey***