Staff Report

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Door Person Tip Out: (5-8% of tips = a Good Job) (10% or more = Above and Beyond)
If there are two bartenders on, tip the door person together. You can individually tip more if you choose to do so.

Closing Duties:

  • Stock cooler/liquor/soda
  • Organize empties & bring full boxes to the back door
  • Bottles brought to troll hole at the start of bartending shift
  • Clean out all sinks (dump bin/hand & 3 bay)
  • Turn off Co2 to the draft cooler
  • Send bar mats, water & beer drain/pitchers through the dishwasher
  • Clean fruit containers and store
  • Wipe bar, tables, benches, surfaces
  • Bathrooms are clean
  • Trashes (bathroom included) in the dumpster if full (first 2 are ours) & replace bags tightly around the trash
  • Make sure back door is shut tight and bungied
  • Drain Dishwasher and Turn OFF. Leave the door open
  • Make sure hand sink is shut off tightly
  • Sweep ALL the floors
  • If the floor is dirty, mop all of it, including bathrooms, kitchen, and behind the bar
  • Turn down/shut off AC or Heat
  • All lights are off